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Policy Detail
Policy Title San Francisco Healthy Meal Incentives Ordinance
Policy Number 471.1 through 471.9
Measure Type Ordinance
Issue Area nutrition
Date Enacted 11/02/2010
Jurisdiction County
County San Francisco County
State California
School District (none)
Legislative Entity Board of Supervisors
Sponsor Eric Mar
Synopsis Sets nutritional standards for restaurant food that is accompanied by toys or other youth focused incentive items.
Brief Description

Recognizes that consumption of fast food, sugar-sweetened beverages and other food served in restaurants are generally higher in nutrients such as calories, sugar, saturated fat and fat and lower in nutrients such as calcium and fiber. Additionally these foods are frequently associated with higher caloric intakes and higher body weights, which significantly impact the risk of developing health complications.
Provides evidence that children are encouraged, by restaurants, to choose specific menu items when they are linked to free toys or other incentives.
Imposes no requirements or regulations for the advertising or labeling of food or beverages or the disclosure of ingredients.
Defines “incentive item” as any toy, game, trading card, admission ticket or other consumer product, whether physical or digital, with particular appeal to children and teens. This includes coupon, voucher, ticket, token, code or password redeemable for or granting digital or other access to an item previously mentioned.
Mandates that all meals involving an incentive item comply with the following nutritional standards:
Calories: Less than six hundred
Sodium: Less than six hundred and forty milligram
Fat: Less than thirty-five percent of total calories from fat with exceptions from certain food items such as nuts and seeds.
Saturated Fat: Less than ten percent of total calories with exceptions from certain food items such as nuts and seeds.
Trans fat: Less than 0.5 grams
Fruits and vegetables: contains 0.5 cups or more of fruits and 0.75 cups or more of vegetables
Requires any single food items or beverages accompanying an incentive to have less than thirty-five percent of total calories from fat and less than ten percent of calories from added caloric sweeteners.
Charges the Director to issue administrative citations for violations and the Department of Public Health to inspect restaurants for compliance.
Effective December 1, 2011
Health Implications Billions of dollars are spent every year by food and beverage companies to market unhealthy products. Even worse, they disproportionately target children—whose developmental stage prevents them from recognizing that something is being intentionally promoted. Research shows that many children’s meals at major restaurants exceed the recommended caloric, sodium and fat limit for children, with almost all of meals linked with a toy. Consumption of unhealthy food and sugary beverages has been linked to the risk of developing a number of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. Local governments can combat this marketing of unhealthy products linked with incentives by regulating the nutritional content of these products and requiring healthy standards such as the addition of fruits and vegetables to promote healthy meals.
Policy Profile
Actual Policy Language 201011021703130.SFHealthyMealsLegislation .pdf
Appropriations No
Funds Allocated 0
Funding Period Start
Funding Period End
Primary Contact Name Linshao Chin
Primary Contact Title Legislative Assistant
Primary Contact Organization Office of Supervisor Eric Mar
Primary Contact Phone 415-554-7410
Primary Contact Email [email protected]
KeyWords / Policy Target Restrictions on Unhealthy Food, Fast Food, Community Development, Beverages/Soda, Advertising/Marketing Restrictions, Access to Fresh Food
ENACT Environment Community
Policy Status Adopted
Date Last Updated 11/02/2010

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